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Level 3 and Level 4 Course - Online Learning Community

Welcome! We hope you will enjoy exploring this site. As you will discover this site is designed to support you with information about your course and resources to help you with your progress through the qualification.

As an online learning student you may feel isolated whilst studying, this site is here to help you build a student community online. We have therefore provided you with opportunities to discuss your study with your fellow students using the discussion forums area or student community.

We look forward to working with you through the course materials, at the residentials and in online discussions.

If you have any problems accessing this site please contact or telephone 024 7685 1789.

Study support links

Need help with using Microsoft Office? Access free online training.

Don't have MS Office? Open Office is a free alternative that allows you to open, edit and create MS Office files (although you need to remember to your assignments as a Word (.doc) format). - This free resource is full of practical advice to help you study more effectively.

The Study Guides and Strategies website provides many free guides and resources.